Learn Intern is an effort by essential services team to cater a students, working professionals, small business, job seekers, that often have no right counselling about their careers, jobs.

We simply believe in cutting down the cost, so that our profits can be increased and that can further be passed on to the students and among our employees, so that they can feel and see the difference of dealing with the right people.

Online training’s helps us reduce the cost to almost 50% as we dont have to spend money on rent and infra.

The indian market has great scope in training, internship programs and corrective job placement strategies and we, here at esopl are more than willing to explore such possibilities.

LearnIntern.com is a LOB and a Brand name of Essential Services Outsource Pvt Ltd, any legal rights and liabilities to be taken care by ESOPL.


We definitely see a growing need of manpower and skilled labour in india. we take pride to share that we keep free on job training programs for job seekers and internship programs, they get work experience certificate to showcase their industry exposure when they apply for a job.

Search all the open positions on the web. get your own personalized salary estimate. read reviews on over 600,000 companies worldwide. the right job is out there.

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Sharad Goel

International business & Digital Marketing Expert

Experience: 15+ years

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Legal Councelor

Experience: 2+ years


Career Counselor

Experience: 2+ years

Sreekutty P V

Counselor Cum HR

Experience: 6+ years

Mostakim Mullick

Intern Developer

BCA Graduate


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